Mmmm…. Hamburger Helper

I’m pretty sure my physical therapist is a sadist. I’m currently undergoing “therapy” ahem*! Cough*! (Torture) for three different tunnel syndromes and tennis elbow and all kinds a other shit. It’s like both of my arms were removed, stuffed into a Ninja smoothie maker and then reattached half assedly, and now Deanna is just grinding the meat around in there like she’s preparing hamburger helper. I like the stroganoff. Please save me some Deanna. 

My left arm is bruised top to bottom. My right arm is possibly bruised too but since that sleeve is almost complete I can’t see much skin; so whenever I look at my ugly left arm and get sad I need only glance over at my beautifully tattooed right arm to feel dead sexy all over.  I can only assume all tattooed people are trying to cover bruises from sadistic physical therapists or abusive spouses. 

Anyway just checking in. I’m super broken as always but my mind is almost not crazy for the last couple of weeks so two thumbs up and a mother fuckin twist.  This last weekend was wonderful for no reasons related to sadism or men who beat their wives or even tattoos, but I haven’t found my voice on that yet.  Possibly its stuck in the Ninja with one of my arms. When I find it though, you will be the first to know. 

Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all 


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