Politically Confused 

Ya like that classy picture everyone?  I especially appreciate the misspelling of the one that says Hands off our Cuntry. Good Effing grief. 

I’m not very political or smart. Having said that, here is my question:  what are we hoping to accomplish with all the protests and marches and anti-trumpism? And I ask that not being a fan of his. (Not in a political sense, the man just has terrible hair. I can’t get behind someone with that much money who refuses to do something about what he’s got going on up top.). I mean that. What good is it doing?  Abraham Lincoln said if you’re going to do a thing, it ought to do some good. So what good are we doing? Are we just hell bent on showing that we can bitch about something like no one else on earth? And I say that as someone who can complain until the fucking cows come home.  Honest. My genuine curiosity is dancing a jig wanting to find out if anything can come of this except for funny signs (my favorite so far said “I was told there would be cake), people getting trampled in crowds and looting from stores?  

I’m not political. But I do love my country; so please don’t accuse me of being unpatriotic. Stupid maybe. Politically ignorant, absolutely.  Almost always unaware of what is going on around me; dead on point. 

Is it true that 90 million people didn’t vote? And are any of those people in a march right now?  And people that I think are so awesome are In support of this so please tell me what I am missing. 

Fuck, or don’t. I’ve been pretty happy and blissfully ignorant for the last 40 years. I think people that let themselves get so worked up by this stuff end up balding prematurely and dying of heart disease before they’re 50. Heart disease scares me; of course it does. But I don’t have much more hair that I can afford to lose, so maybe I’ll just drink my coke, pick up my book and stay off social media for awhile. And when I get back to work tomorrow, perhaps I will talk to Abe about it. The man is my Dumbledore, and has been dumbing things down for me for a lot of years now; and never in a condescending way. If you’re gonna pick your Jiminy Cricket you might as well pick someone who doesn’t make you feel like too big of an idiot. 

Have a good day everyone. Turn off your phones for a while and watch a good movie. My favorite home movie at the moment is Civil War. I can’t get enough Ant-Man or Spider-Man. Those two are super funny. Or better yet, pop your own popcorn because movie theaters aren’t as good as mine, and sneak it in to the Megaplex and go movie hopping. Turn away from the anger and hate for one day. Who knows, it might be the thing that helps you live longer, if only one more day. 


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