I spent Thanksgiving with John Travolta (sort of)

Well we are home from Coeur d’Alene (Idaho.) If I didn’t miss Ash – and my puppies, until one of them immediately peed on my bed upon our arrival – I would have had a much harder time coming home. CDA is one of those places that is small enough for traffic to not be too shitty and where you’re bound to run into at least 3 people you’ve dated before on a weekly basis, but big enough that there are still traffic lights and a Target and movie theaters.   We spent Thanksgiving at Jamie’s, where we enjoyed delicious food and where, after 18 years, I feel like I finally got to know my nephew a little bit. 

I was very fortunate to spend almost every waking moment with Rylee when she was little, but then I moved to California and they moved to Idaho when Cayden was only about 7 months old.  Time gets away from us, as it does, and though I’ve seen him lots of times, we’ve never really gotten to hang. My that kid’s cool. We played a fun game of Uno last night, where I got my butt handed to me and the only person I beat was Jamie, who I think had about a quarter of the deck in her hand when Cayden won it all. 

On Friday we went to downtown CDA and watched the 30th anniversary of the Christmas lighting ceremony and firework show. We drank hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps to warm our insides, while the endless stream of parade floats marched on and on outside. It was so fantastic and was only made more amazing when I found out that John Travolta was there. Freaking John Travolta y’all:  my life long heart throb and single coolest person ever.  He’s like, a total Fonzie. I didn’t get to see him; didn’t even find out he was staying at the resort until we were on our way home today. But I still shared square footage with him, and so I’m just going to go ahead and say we partied together. Here is a picture of the fireworks over the lake at the resort: 

I wish I could describe just what makes CDA so special; but if I could, I’d probably simultaneously be a paid writer as well as blow CDA’s quaint population out of the water, and while I like to shout about it, I kinda hope it never gets much bigger.   Those of you who know me long and well will know what a HUGE deal it is when I say that Coeur d’Alene has replaced California as the destination of my heart’s desire.  If there is any way of making logistics work, I will be living there one day, enjoying downtown and the resort and fireworks over the lake anytime I want. I’ll go antiquing at Wiggitts and eat at Capones and buy Josh growlers at Crafted and just enjoy the simple beauty and magic of it.  I know that probably sounds cheesy but I just dare you to spend some time there and not feel the same about it. The strong sense of community has a draw as powerful as a tractor beam on the Death Star, and I can’t wait to be drawn in again. 


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